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Open Studios

Open Studios


History of the Sedona Artist

In 1996, Nancy Robb Dunst brought together a handful of artists to develop an artistic community. This loosely organized group of visionaries has grown to almost 150 artists and is now known as the Sedona Visual Artists’ Coalition (SVAC).  In 2006, SVAC established itself as a 501c3, non-profit, educational and charitable organization.

The goal of Sedona Visual Artists Coalition is to develop an artist’s community and foster interest in the visual arts by encouraging area artists and the community through education, exhibitions, and exploration of the arts.

Community Events

SVAC has sponsored many exhibitions since its inception which are open to all SVAC members. 

Our Annual Themed Exhibition, presented at the Sedona Arts Center, is designed to push the artistic creative process.  This Exhibition is well attended and a much-anticipated event within the Sedona community. 

SVAC members participated in “Art in Public Places” events sponsored by the Sedona Arts and
Culture Commission and numerous members have displayed at City Hall over the years.  The traveling exhibition, “Embracing Time:  A Celebration of Aging” was shown in Flagstaff, Tucson, Phoenix and Sedona.

We manage and promote two Annual Open Studios Tours (Spring and Fall) which provide an opportunity for SVAC Artists to open their studio doors to the general public.  This event has grown from 29 artists in 2013 to 50+ participating artists in the Fall of 2019.  It has been designated a Signature Event by the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and is attended by people from throughout the state and country.

For more information about current and upcoming SVAC sponsored events, please visit the Open Studio page or the Annual Exhibition page.

Benefits of Membership

Periodic meetings are planned to share art work, techniques, opportunities, events and to provide a friendly and inspiring atmosphere for our members.  Meetings can consist of presentations on a topic of interest or field trips to artist’s studios.  There is always time to socialize and make new friends.

Current members can showcase images of their art work on the SVAC web page. The artist listing can include a link to a personal website, along with pertinent contact information.  To submit data for your individual web page, please see instructions and specifications on the JOIN SVAC page.
Other key benefits include:

  • Participate in our bi-annual Open Studios Tours and the Annual Exhibition
  • Participation in meetings, programs, and other activities  
  • Opportunity to serve on any of our active committees
  • Network with other members in our dynamic organization

Board of Directors


President: Mike Upp 
Co-Vice President: Laura Pokorny 
Co-Vice President: Julie Ronning Talbot 
Secretary: Claudia Ronaldson     
Treasurer: Patricia Tomlin


Lon Walters: Patty Hoisch
Sheryl Leigh-Davault Anita Elias
Jackson Pierce Darleene Nelson